Does Your LinkedIn Headshot Look Professional?

April 11, 2018

Like it or not, your LinkedIn profile picture functions a lot like a cover letter. It’s what prospective employers are looking at as they form their first impressions of you. And there’s a reality we all must face: appearances matter, whether that’s fair or not.

Having a professional headshot for LinkedIn makes a difference in how you are perceived. You represent yourself and the company you own, manage, or work for. In the world of LinkedIn – you are the face of the company. Make that face look its best.

Snappr, a U.S site that pairs a client or person with a suitable photographer, has come up with a handy tool that analyzes your LinkedIn profile photo.

Hit a button and it will pull through your current LinkedIn head shot to be analyzed. It breaks down the aspects which are working for you (maybe your smile or eye contact) and then gives you advice on areas that could be better (like composition or lighting).

If it deems your current profile picture to be less than ideal you can upload another from your computer and give that a whirl.

If you’re not getting the results you expect, it might be a worth your time and money to visit a professional photographer to take some decent headshots.

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