Wardrobe Tips to Look Your Best

October 17, 2017

One of the most commonly asked questions I get before a portrait session is, “What should I wear?” It may seem overwhelming when choosing wardrobe, but here are some easy tips and tricks to choosing that picture-perfect outfit.

1. Pick what you like. Wardrobe should only include things from your closet that you like, not what you think will look good. Some other thoughts:

  • Bring lots of vibrant primary colors
  • Mix and match complementary colors
  • Have several neutral colors (black, white, gray) for balance
  • Stay away from large patterns; Small patterns such as plaid and polka dots are okay
  • Graphic t-shirts are okay for certain looks but generally avoid logos and distracting writing
  • Bring accessories, including hats, scarfs, glasses and jewelry that define you; You never know what look might be enhanced or expressed with a touch of your personality

2. Go beyond what’s in your closet. Put thought into pairing your wardrobe with the looks you want and prepare about three to four options for each look.

3. Don’t bring your entire closet. It takes much longer to sort through a bunch of unusable random clothing items than it does to sort through a well thought out group of items for each look.

4. Steam and iron your clothes. Do this the night before to save time the next day. Do not fold and pack your clothing in a suitcase to prevent wrinkling.

5. Be comfortable and confident. Comfort is king. I’d rather have you wearing a less-than-ideal shirt but feeling amazing, than the other way around. This confidence will transfer over to your images.

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