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I capture stories, not images.

Rod Stewart speaks the truth… every picture tells a story. First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. My photography is based on what story I want to tell. I press the shutter when I am moved by what I see. I choose this framing or that angle because it drives my point home. Everything in my frame is intended to be there. And whether you call that storytelling, visual alchemy, or the creative journey, it makes my heart beat faster.

My shooting style is also a product of where I came from. Born and raised in the West, I’m laid back, engaging and authentic. Natural light is my favorite. With over 300 sunny days in Colorado, I always try to take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. Sunrises, sunsets and everything in between

I have won a lot of awards for my work, and I’m thankful for every one of them. But that’s not what defines me. Instead, I believe deeply in teamwork, happy accidents, and of course, storytelling.

photography studio denver
photography studios denver

So let’s be friends.
Better yet, let’s go shoot!

lifestyle photographer
lifestyle photographers


My client list includes Verizon, Lyft, Coors, Taco Bell, Boston Market, Starbucks, PopSockets and many others. Contact me for the full list.

Behind the Scenes

I love providing a ‘peek behind the curtain’ on a shoot because when you see what goes on behind the scenes, you understand the skill necessary to create a great story.

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