Why I Love Natural Light

March 28, 2021

A skilled photographer is going to be able to work with both artificial and natural lighting to their advantage. Their photos will look beautiful no matter what lighting they use.

But when it comes to shooting dreamy looking images, I always prefer to use natural light. For both the quality of imagery and ease of workflow, I believe it has an edge over the strobes. Here are just a few reasons for why I prefer natural light.

  • It’s everywhere so any location can become a studio
  • It’s very flattering for skin tones
  • Different times of day can give you different moods
  • Provides more time to shoot and not tweaking your exposure
  • Opportunity to incorporate effects with backlighting, lens flares and light leaks



Photography is about capturing light so why not use the best light source around… the sun. While some will say that the source of light is irrelevant, I believe natural light brings out the natural beauty of the subjects. It’s that organic and authentic look I try to bring out in all of my work.

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